Assessment Centre

Welcome to the first section of the LURA Online Assessment Centre. This section is designed to assess your passion for the LURA mission, your capacity to take on the extra commitment, and your written communication skills. Please read all instructions before starting.

We recommend you take some time to plan and write your answers; there is no strict word limit but it is recommended that you write between 200 and 400 words for each response, with a focus on clear and concise writing.

You can leave and come back to this page as many times as you like but your responses may not be saved, so we recommend you prepare your answers in a separate document and copy them across once you're ready to submit.

Before you answer any questions, please ensure you have filled out your name and UoL Identifier at the top of the test page.

Once you have answered both questions, press SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.

First and Surname
UoL Identifier (e.g. mn18az)

What specifically is it about LURA that makes you passionate? Moreover, how will your teammates know you're passionate? How will your passion show?   [~200-400 words]


Taking on a role within LURA will be a big commitment and at this early stage of the project, it can be difficult to know just how big that commitment will be. With this in mind, how will you ensure that you can complete all of your LURA duties without negatively impacting your studies and social life?   [~200-400 words]