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Logical Reasoning Introduction

Welcome to the first section of the LURA Online Assessment Centre. This section will test your logical reasoning. Please read all instructions before starting.

There are 10 questions in total and each question will show you a 3×3 grid of images, linked by a pattern(s), with one image missing. Select the correct missing image from the five options below each question. Each correct answer will gain you 1 point and each incorrect answer will gain you 0 points. Your final score will therefore be out of 10.

Before you answer any questions, please ensure you have filled out your name and UoL Identifier at the top of the test page.

Once you have answered all questions, press SUBMIT at the bottom of the test page. You have 10 minutes to complete the test and the timer will begin as soon as you press START TEST at the bottom of this page. A timer will be displayed both at the top of the test page and in the title of the tab on your browser.

If you have not finished the test when the timer runs out, any questions you have answered will be marked and any questions you have not answered will be given 0 marks.

LURA will only receive your first attempt at the test. Any further attempts will not count.

Thinking of cheating? We have in-built methods that detect if candidates cheat on these assessments. Naturally, if we suspect you have cheated during any part of this process, your application will be declined.

These instructions will be repeated on the test page, for your reference.

Good luck!