Our mission

The world is entering the most dynamic era of space-exploration since the 1960s

With NASA’s Artemis missions returning astronauts to the Moon as soon as 2024 and SpaceX hoping to reach Mars by 2026, the pace of innovation is record-breaking.

It is more crucial than ever that graduates have a solid understanding of the challenges associated with space travel and the systems involved in rockets and spacecraft.

Preparing the Mars Generation

At LURA, we are committed to preparing the Mars Generation: the engineers, astronauts and technicians that will start the first human colony beyond Earth.

With both technical and non-technical roles available, there are opportunities for students of all backgrounds to develop their knowledge and passion for space exploration.

We know science is important

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing University of Leeds students and researchers the ability to design, build and launch their own experimental payloads.

Launching sounding rockets provides the perfect opportunity to carry out otherwise impossible research into Earth sciences, atmospheric chemistry, microbiology, and material science to name a few.

LURA team in meeting room discussing rocket design.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

By starting simple with our first rocket, the Gryphon I, we will learn about rocket dynamics and the accuracy of our pre-flight modelling.

Evolving this design leads us to the Gryphon II, a reusable rocket with a payload capacity capable of carrying several scientific experiments at once.

The largest rocket engineering competition in the world

With over 150 teams from across eleven countries gathering for a week of conference and rocket launches, the Spaceport America Cup pales similar UK based competitions in comparison.

We’ll be entering our Gryphon I rocket for the 2022 competition and launch our first payload experiment aboard a Gryphon II the year after.

We’ve got a lot of work to do if we’re going to launch our first payload experiment by 2023.

Think you’ve got what it takes to get involved?