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Preparing the Mars Generation is a mission like no other. If we are to succeed in revolutionising STEM at Leeds, we need a diverse range of highly skilled and driven students, fuelled by a burning passion for collaboration and innovation. Apply for our Engineering and Operations divisions today.

Please note that working in LURA will be a big extra commitment on top of your normal course schedule. This is an extra-curricular activity and will not give any course credit directly.


Join one of our five technical teams responsible for designing and building Leeds’ first ever student-built rocket. This is the perfect place for any engineering student to develop skills and experience far beyond the curriculum.

Current Vacancies

For those interested in electrical hardware design, low-level software development, and solving control or performance problems, this role offers valuable experience. Electronics span the entire rocket enabling control, measurements, and motion of the rocket’s recovery ejection, propulsion ignition, or any other sub-system. This position offers an engineer the opportunity to greatly develop their skills in circuit design, electronics assembly, and cooperation with non-electrical engineers.

Key Responsibilities

 - Design and assemble internal rocket electronics.

 - Design and assemble ground station equipment.

 - Work alongside all engineering teams to integrate electronics with mechanical design.

 - Document all design developments for future reference.

Skills & Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Experience in Digital circuit design, PCB design and routing.

 - Experience with circuit design software (KiCAD, Eagle, EasyEDA, or other).

 - C/C++ (preferred) or any other programming language.

 - Register level programming (non-critical).

 - Good error-finding and amending skills in electrical design.

 - Ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

 - Ability to explain electrical principles to engineers of different specialities and even non-engineers.

Fancy turning a CAD model into reality? A role in manufacturing guarantees hands-on manufacturing experience unlike any other within the curriculum. If you have great attention to detail and love to work in a collaborative manner, this position could be perfect for you.

Key Responsibilities

 - Designing and manufacturing jigs using additive manufacturing methods.

 - Communicate closely with technicians and book lab spaces.

 - Manufacture rocket components within labs.

Skills and Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Proficient in SolidWorks CAD.

 - Undertaken Design & Manufacture I module (and preferably D&M II).

 - Experience in additive manufacturing processes.

Systems engineering is vital to ensure a project's success; a highly collaborative posititon allowing you to work allongside all divisions within LURA. Whether it be dictating design decisions, managing integration methods, or setting out technical requirements for an entire mission, a systems engineer will constantly face unique challenges requiring new and innovative approaches.

Key Responsibilities

 - Document integration strategies of individual systems within the rocket.

 - Communicating between all teams within LURA.

 - Collaborate with LURA engineers on potential design changes and assess their viability at a systematic and component level.

 - Assess interfaces between internal and external systems.

Skills & Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Interpersonal and communicational skills.

 - Analytical and methodical problem solving.

 - Experience using Simulink.

Launch Operations is a dynamic team within LURA responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing rocket launches! With LURA conducting regular launches from small scale local events to the world's largest competition in America, the skills you will gain are vast. This role is ideal for a hands-on proactive individual who is confident in communicating both within and outside of the University. You will develop unrivalled interpersonal and project planning skills, which will no doubt increase your employability. 

Key Responsibilities

 - Working with both our Engineering and Operations divisions to organise launches. 

 - Conducting risk assessments to ensure the safety of launches.

 - Maintaining strong relationships with the rocketry industry including the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA).

Skills and Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Clear verbal and written communication.

 - Competent in the use of of Microsoft Office.

 - Enthusiastic and passionate.

 - Responsible, reliable and organised.

 - Happy to work both within a team and independently.


The perfect opportunity for non-engineering students to get involved in our team. Whether it’s networking, organisation, graphic design, or marketing skills that you offer, this division offers a wide range of incredible opportunities.

Current Vacancies

This role is suited for a visionary leader. As one of the most senior positions within the organisation, the Head of Operations runs LURA's three non-engineering teams, ultimately responsible for our marketing, recruitment and sponsor relations. A confident, motivated, and organised individual will find this the perfect opportunity to develop their leadership and management skills whilst working on a range of exciting projects. If you're aiming for a career in business management, you really don't want to miss out on this.

Key Responsibilities

 - Lead and organise LURA's Operations division.

 - Organise and deliver team meetings.

 - Strategise and supervise both short and long term marketing and outreach projects.

 - Develop and manage efficient communication and workflows between teams and divisions.

Skills and Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Confident and clear thinking, with previous leadership experience.

 - People-centric, with a motivation to help others achieve their full potential.

The role of Strategy & Relations Specialist is suited to a driven and proactive individual who has a keen desire to exercise their business, marketing, and relations skills. In this role, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with our existing portfolio of key sponsors, as well as securing growth through new client relationships.

Key Responsibilities

 - Develop and maintain excellent relationships with all sponsors to ensure that LURA is viewed as a trusted partner.

 - Reach out to businesses and acquire new sponsorship deals by building rapport and connections. 

Skills & Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Excellent communicator, who is comfortable with forming new relationships both internal and external to the University.

This role is perfect for an individual wishing to develop their marketing and social media skills; someone who is comfortable creating effective and engaging content. This creative role will involve working across a range of exciting projects that are designed to increase the awareness of LURA and share our story beyond the University. A successful candidate will be working alongside LURA's sponsors and partners to design collaborative marketing and promote student involvement in space.

Key Responsibilities

 - Creating and planning engaging content for our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

 - Working with sponsors and partners, creating content, and maintaining good relations.

Skills and Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Competent with various social media platforms and how to built engagement on them.

 - Creative thinker, with excellent attention to detail and quality control.

 - Ability to work multiple projects simultaneously.

LURA are looking for a talented and enthusiastic Photographer/Videographer with excellent photographic skills to join our team. This role will involve photographing and videoing a variety of different events, including headshots, socials, rocket launches, outreach programs, still life and more. It is an excellent opportunity for a passionate photographer/videographer to expand their portfolio, gain hands on experience and show off their artistic skills and knowledge on a wider platform.

Key Responsibilities

 - Photographing and filming a wide range of events for our social media channels.

 - Shooting reels and stories as content for our social platforms

 - Composing innovative new ideas to help increase engagement.

 - Ability to work alongside our dynamic and committed team.

 - Organising and scheduling various photo shoots such as team headshots.

Skills & Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - Has great photography and video editing skills and can use a professional camera.

 - Driven, enthusiastic and proactive with ideas.

 - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

 - Ability to work across multiple projects, prioritise workload, and keep to deadlines.

 - Creative flare, with excellent attention to detail and quality control.

 - Fluent in editing software such as the Adobe Suite.

LURA is currently looking for an enthusiastic web designer who will work within our Marketing & Outreach team to design, build, and manage our website to a professional standard. The ideal candidate for this role with have a strong work ethic, be able to pick up new knowledge and skills quickly, a proactive attitude, and will love working as part of a team.

Key Responsibilities

 - Designing and maintaining our website.

 - Ensuring that our website is always up to date and all information is correct and current.

 - Promoting our online presence using professional-looking marketing materials.

Skills & Experience

Recommended, not required.

 - A passion for web design.

 - Confident in designing and building websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

 - Experience working with WordPress.

 - Self-directed and motivated.

 - A positive attitude and commitment to being a part of a wider team.

Ever wanted to build a rocket but feel like you don’t know how?

The LURA Academy is calling first and second year engineering students for the chance to gain invaluable practical engineering and teamworking experience. 

Spend the Summer working across a range of different LURA roles, ultimately building and launching your own high power rocket.

Our Application Process

  1. The APPLY button under each division will take you to a Microsoft Form. Fill in your details, answer the written questions and attach your CV to submit your application.
  2. We will let you know when we have received your application and then hold onto it until we find a job that we think you’ll be a good fit for.
  3. If we find a role thats right for you, we will call you in for an interview and if you are succesful, you will start straight away. If you haven’t heard anything in a while, this does not mean you have been unsuccessful, as we will hold your application until the right role comes along.

Frequently Asked Questions

The experience we list is recommended but not mandatory. As long as you have a passion for problem solving and a hunger for learning new skills, you should still apply. 

Unfortunately, we require you be at the University of Leeds this year if you are applying,  due to the workload and physical commitments required of the role.

For now, be sure to subscribe to our recruiting mailing list and we will email you once team member positions become available. 

We’ll be posting all of our progress on our social media so follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date.