the most dynamic era of space exploration ever

With NASA’s Artemis missions returning astronauts to the Moon as soon as 2024 and SpaceX hoping to reach Mars by 2026, the pace of innovation is record-breaking.

It is more crucial than ever that graduates have a solid understanding of the challenges associated with space travel and the systems involved in rockets and spacecraft.

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Everything we do at LURA is united through a core purpose: Preparing the Mars Generation. That is the engineers, astronauts, and technicians that will soon make human life interplanetary. 


Provide engineers with hands-on experience designing, building, and flying rockets.


Expose non-technical students to the processes and requirements of a space mission.


Build a worldwide network to promote aerospace opportunities for Leeds students.

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LURA aims to be the UK’s leading student-led rocketry team and provide a space for future students to design, test, and build their own rockets, payloads, and engines.

We envision a team that will compete in competitions, drive innovation within rocketry, and continue to inspire students to pursue careers in the space sector.

Together, we have the opportunity to revolutionise STEM at Leeds, and shape the UK space sector for the better.

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